Lhoist and TotalEnergies signed long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy from solar PV (photovoltaic) installations to be developed at three Lhoist’s sites in Spain and Portugal. This partnership follows a first exclusive agreement signed in 2020 for the co-development of PV power plants at several sites of Lhoist in France.

Lhoist and TotalEnergies are proud to sign these agreements, which also represent TotalEnergies’ first onsite distributed generation (DG) solar projects for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in Iberia.


Representing a total of 7,40 MWp and more than 14,000 PV panels, the ground-mounted solar systems will be built and operated by TotalEnergies and installed at 3 Iberian Lhoist’s sites in Spain (Navarra, Tiebas and Seville, Estepa) and Portugal (Santarém, Alcadene). The onsite solar installations will cover almost 30% of the global electricity consumption of Lhoist’s facilities with renewable power produced directly onsite and will reduce CO2 emissions by approximatively 3,600 tons annually. Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, TotalEnergies will install cleaning robots on the PV panels surface to limit the soiling affectation on the solar generator surface and optimize the performance of the PV systems.


In line with both companies’ ambition to achieve carbon neutrality, this partnership will enable Lhoist, with the support of TotalEnergies, to reduce the carbon intensity of its products through a self-consumption solution and improve the energy balance of its commercial partners.


«These new projects are concrete examples of TotalEnergies’ commitment to renewable energy sources as a way of contributing to the transition towards a decarbonized Europe. TotalEnergies has a strong ambition to grow on the Spanish and Portuguese solar markets, two of the fastest growing markets in Europe. We look forward to capitalize on this experience and extend our partnership with Lhoist to other sites in Europe and worldwide », said Timur Nuñez-Yanowsky, Head of Renewables Distributed Generation Iberia at TotalEnergies.


«The long-term vision of its activities is at the heart of the concerns of a family group such as the Lhoist Group. Over the years, our commitment to sustainable development has become a key part of our strategy. This ambitious green energy project in Iberia is in perfect alignment with our efforts to contribute to the transition to carbon neutrality at all levels of the organization and our operations including in Iberia. It is also part of a partnership approach with the players close to our plants, people, local communities, environmental associations, as well as with our customers which will be able to value it in their own carbon footprint », said Juan Martinez, Operations Director Iberia, at Lhoist Southern Europe.